For individuals with emphysema or COPD: Make sure you have a 30-day supply of current medications on hand. Stock up on household supplies. Contact your oxygen supplier to ask what […]

Climate change is a health emergency

EFA and 60+ organizations urge Biden Administration to treat climate change as health emergency Disadvantaged communities throughout the nation continue to bear the brunt of the devastating impacts of critical […]

The Breathtaking Disease Called COPD

If you find that you have a relentless cough and a more than normal amount of phlegm, and if you feel as if you are short of breath when physically […]

How to Fly Safely During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic has turned the aviation industry upside down. Government restrictions, safety concerns, and economic hardship have pushed air travel to record lows. Yet, some people must travel, whether […]

Could You Have COPD?

Have you been a long-time smoker? Have you been exposed to environmental dusts or vapors while at work for years or decades? Did you live for long periods near sources […]

California Research Forum on Lung Health

Research into chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and emphysema can increase understanding of the causes and lead to improved treatments for these diseases. Through research, we can provide ways to extend […]

Annual California Conference on Lung Health and COPD

Jointly provided by Cedars-Sinai and held at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Annual California COPD & Lung Health Conference brings together physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and allied health care providers […]