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If you are expecting a baby, today's date of is a good time and date to work on good health for both you and baby...

There are excellent benefits from breast-feeding your baby. For example, human milk is by far the best food for both newborn infants and older babies. It will meet all important nutrition needs along with a Shopping for with good nutrition in mindhealthy lifestyle working for the good health of your baby. A breast-fed-baby also has an advantage of better general health, wellness, growth and infant developmental benefits.

It has been suggested (but not fully confirmed by medical experts) that breast feeding may even give infants protection from devastating sudden infant death plus help the body's immune system in its fight against respiratory infections, spinal meningitis, ear infections, intestinal and urinary infection.

Breast fed babies may also gain some protection from insulin-dependent diabetes, digestive system diseases, improved lymphatic and good colon health. Breast-feeding your baby may also reduce the likelihood of your baby getting allergies.

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So you're going to have a baby! Whether you are pregnant or are planning to get pregnant soon, you will want to give your baby a healthy start in life.

You need to have regular visits with your doctor. Your pre-natal care visits are very important for your baby and yourself. Some things you might do when you are pregnant could hurt your baby, such as smoking or drinking. Some medicines can also be a problem, even ones that a doctor prescribed.

While you are pregnant, you will need to drink plenty of fluids, be on a health diet and eating healthy foods, exercise mildly and stop-smoking or use of some drugs (if drug-use is applicable in your case). In early pregnancy, you may develop acute morning sickness or nausea. You may also be tired and your body will need more rest.

Your body will change as your baby grows during the long 9-months of your pregnancy. Don't hesitate to call your doctor if something is bothering or worrying you such as symptoms of acute morning sickness, for example, which by the way can sometimes (but likely not) indicate twins will be arriving!

More About Morning Sickness & Acute Morning Sickness: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

Morning sickness is nausea and vomiting which may occur at any time of the day or night during pregnancy, with morning nausea being common with pregnant wife's.

Morning sickness may be a frequent event, if it is (and also seems to you to be a severe condition), see your See your medical doctor about excessive morning sicknessmedical doctor, gynecologist, or physician. Most pregnant women have at least some nausea, and about 1/3 have vomiting.

Morning sickness usually begins during your 1st month of pregnancy and continues through the 14th to 16th week (3rd or 4th month). However, some women can have nausea and vomiting for full-term of their pregnancy.

Morning sickness does not hurt the baby in any way unless you lose weight, with such weight loss being possible as a result of prolonged and severe vomiting. The amount of morning sickness during one pregnancy does not necessarily predict how you will feel in a future pregnancy.

Causes of Morning Sickness

The exact cause of morning sickness is unknown. It may be caused by hormone changes or lower blood sugar during early pregnancy. Emotional stress, fatigue, traveling, or certain foods can make the problem worse. Nausea in pregnancy is more common and can be worse with twins or triplets.

Home Care for Morning Sickness

Try to keep a positive attitude. Remember that morning sickness usually stops after the first 3 or 4 months of pregnancy. To reduce nausea, try:

Here are some more tips for Morning Sickness:

When to Contact the Doctor because of Morning Sickness?

Call your doctor if:

Your doctor may ask the following questions:

Your doctor may do the following medical tests:

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