60 or 60 Challenge


Try to hold your breath for 60 consecutive seconds (if you are healthy enough to & no cheating) and see what happens. If you can’t complete the challenge, we ask you to make a $60 donation (or an amount you can make) to our organization to support people who have trouble with simple, everyday breathing.

Then, we ask you to nominate 3 of your friends, family or colleagues on social media to do a 60-second “hold your breath” challenge and if they cannot hold their breath for 60 seconds, they have to make a tax-deductible contribution of $60 (or an amount they can) to the Emphysema Foundation of America. Participants can record themselves on video as they do the ’60 or 60′ hold your breath’ challenge and post it to their social media accounts. You may want to include a stopwatch or timer in your video to show us how long you held your breath.
Those that have the most trouble breathing (such as those with pre-existing lung conditions like emphysema & COPD) often have difficulty doing even the most minor tasks without having to catch their breath (like putting on their pants, walking a few steps, or having a conversation). And due to their lung condition, they are at higher risk of severe outcomes from COVID-19 and thus need extra care, attention, and support right now during the pandemic.
Your support will make a difference now to for those with emphysema & COPD who need it most during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Follow the link here to give the gift of $60 (or whatever amount you can make) to help provide support & resources to those with lung disease. If you make a video or post a message on social media, use the hashtag #60or60challenge and tag @EmphysemaFoundation on Facebook and Instagram, and @EmphysemaFndn on Twitter. Be creative, be funny, and be impressive. If your video is especially impressive or entertaining we may even post it on this website. Thank you very much for your support.