Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with the Emphysema Foundation of America. We invite you to contribute your skills and interests to further our vital work. Your time and talent can make a real difference. Here are some ways you can help advance our mission:

  1. Share your Story: Give a voice to Emphysema and COPD by giving a personal account of what living with the lung diseases is like.
  2. Become a Social Media Ambassador: Spread the word about EFA’s advocacy efforts through social media.
  3. Showcase your Video and Graphic Design Capabilities: Use your video production and graphic design skills to educate people about Emphysema and COPD.
  4. Participate in Emphysema & COPD Education and Programming: Volunteer to staff a health fair, community event or one of our many other local opportunities to spread awareness about Emphysema and COPD.
  5. Share your Medical Expertise: Utilize your professional medical experiences to evaluate research proposals and offer invaluable insights.
  6. Special Events: Volunteers play an integral role at our special events throughout the year. Contribute to events that appeal to your interests and talents


If you are interested in volunteering, please sign-up by submitting the Volunteer Application Form below.

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