Blue Marble app

  • Take charge of your healthcare with meaningful and actionable data by downloading the Blue Marble App. The Blue Marble “Health in Motion is a mobile tool that can help you track your COPD Status. The tool contains:
    • a COPD Action Plan Template
    • Level 1 Arm + Leg daily exercises
    • COPD Walking Suggestions
    • Education Modules for:
      • Questions to ask your doctor
      • Breathing Techniques and Clearing your lungs
      • Medications and Respiratory Devices
      • Plus many others
    • Tests and surveys you can perform to gain insight into your health status 

Open-mouth breathing increases the amount of trapped air in your lungs

Pursed-lip breathing reduces the amount of trapped air in your lungs.

Are you a smoker? The first step to managing your COPD & Emphysema is to quit smoking. EFA has partnered with Ro’s Quit With Zero, a simple and effective 12-week program that helps you quit smoking.


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